emergency preparedness

Emergency management is all about preparedness. We can help you identify the risks you face and develop robust simple solutions that will help see you through.

Emergency Management comprises the three phases of an Incident. This includes the physical Response to incidents, Crisis Management and Business Continuity Planning. We have experience of developing plans and training team members worldwide.

Crisis Management is managing the strategic level risks to your business. Identify the key members of your team, the specialist advice you need for decision making. Pre-plan your communications to employees, customers and suppliers. Might you have to face the press? Perhaps you need media training to prepare you.

Business continuity is about maintaining the critical functions in a crisis. The sad fact is most businesses are not well prepared and most will cease trading if they experience a crisis such as a major fire. Even the loss of a key member of staff could take valuable knowledge out of the business. We can help you identify the ‘business critical’ operations and the resources you need to deliver them. Plans should be flexible and versatile enough to cope with whatever happens and solutions should be simple to put into place.

With all aspects of Emergency Management you need to test your plans through structured exercises and use feedback to develop your systems and build resilience.


  • Emergency response, fire, natural disasters, oil spills
  • Crisis Management
  • Business Continuity Planning